Betty Humphrey
  " Down Glory Road "
     Written and sung by Betty Humphrey

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Grandson Dalton and grandaughter Hannah , Herd the Shepards call ! they would love to share what God is doing in their Lifes. God said,If you  come to me as this child !! Children walk by Faith nodought..
Powerful  are the children !..weak our we who do not use and hear what God is using them for.
Click Dalton Baker-Son Fest 2009
Dalton and Hannah call to preach and serve God!
Our grandchildren Dalton and Hannah are christian servants of God. Dalton is a singer/writer for Gods music. I truly can say these kids are sold out to God! Dalton has sing with the christian rapper Burn Bush . We are a blessed family to have grandchildren that love God and want to serve him.
Thank you Lord and Savior for everyday !
We are a  family who walks by "Faith not by Sight"
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little cousins baking Dec 2009
Going to church as a young girl I thought when you sing to God that was praising him...Now in my older age God showed me its not just in song but in our Testimonies that Praises God!  I went to church like so many do I was a christian(believer) and did most of the things Christians do.

Things changed when I personally heard from Jesus and received the Holy Ghost !  Jesus became very real and clear we are to serve him not man,to walk for his Glory not ours.. We can get so lost in church's!  Christians can kill your Faith walk with God!.... church is great but FAITH is better!!

Today I call my self a Servant not a Christian..When you really meet Jesus you will become his servant not mans....I was lost in church but was found by Jesus! Thank You Jesus for coming that I maybe really here you!...I found going to church makes you a Christian but hearing from him makes you his servant and Gods child...       Thank you Lord for the new song to sang about your Glory!! I walk by Faith not by sight and sang praises to your!!